I love the IRS!

March 12, 2008

I love tax time!  I never knew it. I’ve actually always dreaded April 15th, even though one of Jim and my early on dates involved mailing taxes at the downtown post office.  It actually is a fond memory and I will remember that date forever.  Who knew the IRS fostered romance?  (Yet, another reason I now love the IRS.) So this year why do I not dread April 15th…I actually had someone do Jim and my taxes.  It was the best 125.00 I have ever spent.  (Is it weird to want to hug your accountant as you are leaving?  I resisted the urge, but I had to hold myself back!) 

You would think we are getting a trillion dollars back based on my excitement, but really the amount is meager.  Yet it doesn’t matter because beauty is I am done.  I do not have to stress about printing forms, messing up forms, mailing forms. (I really do not like mailing things!) They are done!  I also just got my refund back….a week later.  It is wonderful!  I hope you can feel my glee.

So while the rest of the world is hating the IRS…I am loving the IRS!  They made me feel efficient and they efficiently  got my money back to me.  I may send a thank you card to my accountant and the IRS just because I feel so great!  (By the way…I will never do my own taxes again!)


Lonely Snow Girl

March 5, 2008

I realized today that snow days are not that much fun alone.  I worked from home today and about every twenty minutes I would run or skip to the window to see how much more snow had fallen.  I would then run back to my room and realize there was no one get excited with me.  By the end of the snow fall I realized I had run back and forth the window many times, used many cell phone minutes calling people to give them the update (they probably did not care) and still was in my pajamas at 5 p.m (I hadn’t even brushed my teeth…GROSS!).  I also realized I had created my own snow song that I would sing while running to the window.  I cannot wait for Jim to get home and hear my snow song!  (I need people!)