Life is Tough

April 29, 2008

Just wanted to share the fact that life is tough.  I currently am in the hospital recoup. from yet another surgery.  The only words that come to me right now is…This Stinks!  I look forward to coming back to this blog and knowing I no longer feel this way. 


This was written last week….posted as page not a post.  Blogging confuses me!

At 5:30 I decided to take  little nap.  I am not sure what can happen in 35minutes, but I woke up with a dreadlock.  I know that you are thinking don’t you mean dreadlocks.  Nope, I mean dreadlock! Singular not plural… not many.  I am starting a new trend for all of those ladies with fine hair.  You to can have one dreadlock.  I think it is next years swing bob.  Everybody is going to want my style.  Just remember where it started.  I will post a pic ASAP.  (Kelli: I think I have topped your hair!)

Becoming Jim

April 9, 2008

I am becoming my husband.  I am not sure when it happened, but it has happened.  Last week while playing scrabble I actually used boobie and toliet as two of my words, and I tend to jump up and down lifting my arms when I get excited about things.  (If you know him you have seen is great!) Today I realized I now even deal with minor conflict like him.  When he annoys me he believes the best way to solve it is to make me laugh and normally he is right.  Today, I was completely annoying.  I knew I needed to make it better….so it was time to make him laugh.  I kissed him and said I was sorry but more was needed.  So I started text messaging him, even though we were both in the house.  (Comments such as sorry I am a tool, etc.)  Then when he went to take a shower I decided he needed a hug to make it better.  So, I jumped in with him fully clothed.  Jeans, t-shirt, socks and all and gave him a huge hug.  If getting denim wet doesn’t say I love you what does!  He laughed…I laughed and all is well.  A total Jim thing to do. 

Seriously, God gave me a husband that is perfect for me.  He put together an amazing balance.  He knew I needed to be a little more like Jim to be a little more like Him.