So…I have realized now that I am actually  leaving the house more, and have more to blog about, I have very little time to blog.  In turn, I though I should at least write something.  So here it goes…

Work has been really busy.  The church service I work for has actually doubled in size in the last year.  it is very exciting, but attendance is one thing and loving people and loving God is another.  We hope that attendance is based of the latter, but we constantly keep that as the measure. 

Jim and I are traveling a lot in the next few months.  Today we leave for Tablerock Lake for a few days with my niece.  A friend is letting us use their timeshare andit will be a great few days to bond with my niece Erika.  She is 13 and we need the time together.  Then we are off to Dallas in two weeks for a work conference.  I am so excited.  It is all about church media.  I cannot wait!!!  It will be great to see what other churches are doing and how they are doing it.  (I truly love that kind of stuff.  I really love to be in a learning environment.)  In September we are going to Germany and Switzerland.  It is the trip of a lifetime and it will be wonderful.  (Diane…Jim know now…sorry I forgot to tell you!)  It is all capped off by a wedding for Jim’s nephew in Colorado, who is marrying one of the most wonderful woman in the world!  This is going to be an amazing time with family.  (I have to admit I hope my body holds out for all of this!) 

Well…now that I have basically updated you on my calendar and bored you to death…I will go.  (I am just so excited.  I had to blog!)


The Amazing Brandy

July 11, 2008

I am blessed to have many wonderful girlfriends.  These woman have been so supportive and wonderful.  One of these woman has been in my life for a long time.  My friend Brandy, who is basically a sister not a friend, has been around since I was in 9th grade.  We actually became friends in freshman history class.  I was too stubborn to wear my glasses…dealing with braces and really bad bangs, and horrible fashion, it was too much to take.  In turn, Brandy would let me copy her notes because I could not see the board.  Through many crushes on unattractive, not so nice boys, to church camps, to school dances where we shared a date (Don’t ask it is a long story!), she has been a constant in my life.  She has been an amazing listener, a shoulder to lean on, and someone I knew was always praying for me.  She is wonderful!  Although we have not lived in the same state in years….we are always close! 

Brandy is a woman of such character that I wish everyone had a chance to know her (The reason for this blog! It is the least I could do!) When we were 15 in child development class she said to me…”I would be o.k. having a child with special needs.”  At the time we had no idea that God had already prepared her to be the most amazing Mom to one of the most amazing children ever created.  Her daughter Amelia has been given some challenges physically, but has been given more personality and heart than can be imagined.  To watch Brandy be her advocate and caregiver is inspirting and motivating.  She also is an amazing parent to her younger child Liam, who is all boy.  She truly is teaching him to be kind and strong at the same time.

To know such an amazing Godly woman is such a blessing.  Through difficult times emotionaly and physically she has relied on the Lord for her strength.  She is such an amzing example.  I am so thankful to the Lord for providing me with a friend like Brandy.  (I love you Brandy!!!!  Thanks for loving me!)

A Poo Filled Goodbye

July 9, 2008

In reading Jim’s blog you know that “I made him” release his best friend Speedy the turtle.  It was time.  He is an adventure turtle and not much adventure happens in a laundry basket.  He wanted to roam free.  He knew “Regina” was out there and it was time to find her.  He was so happy when we released him.  He was ready to  take on the wilderness.

The part of the story that Jim did not share is in desperate need of telling.  As we left for Speedy’s release on July 7th (a.k.a. Turtle Independence Day) at Powder Valley Conservation Reserve)…Jim decided that Speedy should get to sit in the front seat and that I should be in the back.  (Sidenote: I get car sick!)  Jim placed his “best friend” in the passenger seat and pointed me to the back.  (He then leaned back and opened the back door to make sure I knew my place.)  As I sat down in the backseat Speedy proceeded to urinate all over the front seat. (Speedy always went pee when he was nervous.) Jim’s only remark…”It’s a rental”.  As we started to drive Jim put him on the floor where he proceeded to poo melon all over the floor. (He was a nervous pooper.)  After his release, Jim offered me the pee seat and the poo floor.  My husband is a gentleman!

The orange stuff...that is poo!

The orange stuff...that is poo!


So…the next time you rent a car wonder…Am I sitting in turtle pee?  When you have taken your shoes off and your bare feet are on that rental mat wonder…Are my feet in turtle poo?

Update on My Sis

July 8, 2008

My sister is home from the hospital after a very long weekend.  (Our 4th of the July didn’t involve a barbecue or sunbathing, more like hospital pudding and cell phone sudoku.)  She ended up at three hospitalsbefore getting the proper care.  We were so blessed to end up at Missouri Baptist with a wonderful hospitalist and neurologist.  She had a small stroke, which has impacted her right side.  She has numbness in her face, hand and foot.  She will start physical therapy soon.  This has been a tough road for her, but because of this she has quit smoking and is going on the insulin pump. (I am so proud of her!!!!)

Thank you for your prayers!

My Sis

July 2, 2008

I got a call at 3 a.m. this morning that my sister was in the hospital.  My sister is a brittle, juvenile onset diabetic.  I immediately thought about her diabetes and was sure it was related.  Come to find out she has had a horrible headache for the last few days and last night her right side went numb.  She has numbness in her face, arm and leg.  They did a spinal tap and her white cell count was very abnormal.  At this time they think she has meningitis, but are currently doing  more tests.  Please keep her in your prayers!!!!! (The other problem is that whatever is happening in her body is throwing off her blood sugar, so her sugar levels are very high.)