I Made It Six Months

October 30, 2008

I have not blogged in forever.  Life has been really hectic since Jim and I got back from Beaver Creek.  But I am getting back to regular blogging.  (I really have missed it!)

So…the big news.  I am having surgery again!!!!  I will hit my goals of six months since the last one, but just barely.  I just found out today that I am having surgery on Tuesday.  (At least it is outpatient.)  My interstem, which is a neurological stimulator in my back broke.  My doctor says I am her only patient who has had this many problems.  I am once again a medical enigma.  The positive: I will get to sleep through most of the election coverage.  The negative: This is number 14 in 5 years!  I really need a new hobby, maybe knitting.


People I Love

October 13, 2008

I only have a minute to post, so this will be quick.  I am so thankful that I married a wonderful man, who loves me well and is a perfect balance for me.  Also, by marrying Jim I have been blessed to join a family that is pretty special.  Being able to share in a very special day (a destination wedding) with my nephew and now niece was wonderful.  Over this weekend in Beaver Creek I was also reminded of how truly blessed I am to have some amazing examples of Christ in my life.  A woman of prayer who loves her family and the Lord with all her heart, an extremely talented a creative woman who shows how creative God is by the way she used the gifts that he has bestowed upon her…and these are just two examples.  How blessed I am to have so many people I love.

Hi…I Am Relentless

October 7, 2008

I was just thinking about how easy it is to think I am right and other people are wrong.  (A thought that only proves how wrong I am.)  Sometimes…I just cannot understand why others do not see things the way I see them.  I am often very stubborn, a trait I am not proud of.  Even though society often overlooks stubbornness, almost thinking it is something funny, or makes it the equivalent of being determined. Stubborness actually is a gross character flaw.  It is the equivalent of being unyielding or relentless.  Call me unyielding.  Call me relentless.  Call me stubborn.  All this to say, I realize I am a work in process.  I am constantly in state of being tweaked.  So…please be patient with me while I am being adjusted.

Target…What a place!

October 1, 2008

My blog is often dedicated to my various love of commercial products.  What can I say, I am a product of a marketing generation.  I just need to share my love of Target; I know many of you share this sentiment.  It is just such a great store.  I also felt good purchasing items there today, because I am doing my part to help restore the economy.  (No need to comment, I am just justifying my purchase of a new t-shirt.  I beleive this purchase alone made the Dow Jones end just a little bit higher.  I should have bought two.)

Target is just a great place.  Cute clothes, nice housewares, and even milk at lower prices.  It is more expensive than Walmart, but the experience is so much better.  Walmart leaves you feeling dirty and ugly, and Target leaves you feeling clean and pretty.  I am not really sure why, it just is.  (Maybe it is the lighting….just a thought!)

So…Target thank you.  You allow me to purchase shampoo, cereal, and cute pajamas in one quick trip.  You allow me to buy many items from China and feel good about it!  You create ridiculous commercials that keep me singing about hello and good buy…and I love it!  All in all you provide me with a discount shopping bliss.  Target you are a very good thing in my life.