It is one of those days.  You just look in the mirror and ask…”What happened?”.  The hair is not laying quite right.  It kinda looks like I have spray on hair.  I have a weird patch of skin on my cheek.  The dark circles under my eyes are really dark…raccoon like I would say.  I even think the wrinkle in my forehead went from a crease to a cervasse.  I look like a before picture in a makeover ad.  It is not good!  I must admit that I only took 20minutes to get ready with a shower, but normally the results are much better than this.  I know we all have these days, but I do not like them…yet I really do not want to take the time to try to fix it.  Can I just wear a ski mask the rest of the day?  A paper bag over my head?  A veil…that could be nice and a little mysterious.

 Quote of the day: I know some people pray for years and years and years, but I don’t think I have the stamina or patience for that! (A quote from a good friend in jest…but I know I have felt that way!)

Life Is Weird, Yet Wonderful (Or Maybe I Am Just Weird): I ended up fixing myself…it took make-up, some spackle, curlers, and a lot of prayer.  I should have just gone for the veil!


Still Blogging…Go Me!

July 29, 2009

It is Day 2 and I am blogging…it is amazing.  I am like the “Little Engine that Could”…”I think I can….I think I can”.  (This is going to be my mentality everyday, in turn I will be successful.)  As I am writing this, I am realizing that I probably watch a little to much Dr. Phil for my own good, though I have never heard him reference the little engine.  I think he should though…the story is very motivating and a great life lesson.  If you have never read it or had it read to you…you really need to keep a copy!  ( Or go on the tour…

Today has been pretty good.  My stomach has been on the temperamental side, but that  is o.k. because work was good.  It was a beautiful day and to top it all off my sister and niece came over for dinner.  It was fun!  (I got to set a table and make it all pretty which I love doing!)  It is so nice to be able to make a meal for people you love.  It is even better when they really enjoy the food.  (Jim would say everything except the salad…more info in the quote of the day.)

Quote of the day: “This salad is so much grosser than last time.  You grossed it all up.  You picked out all the gross things and put them in my bowl” …(Could he have said gross one more time?)

Life Is Weird, Yet Wonderful (Or Maybe I Am Just Weird): Freshly cleaned floors have to be one of the best things ever.  I love when I have just cleaned all the floors in my house and I just run around barefoot on my freshly scrubbed almond oiled wood floors.  (They also smell amazing.).  I am smiling just thinking about it!  Weird, yet wonderful!

A New Look…A New Post

July 29, 2009

So I have not blogged in forever.  I decided I should start blogging again, but I wanted the blog to have a new look before I started. (This gave me a semi-viable excuse not to blog)  Well, my excuse is gone.  Jim redesigned my page and has given my blogging efforts a fresh start! He is the best!  He tried to make our picture have a look inspired by the poster from the movie “Away We Go”. (Which you really should go see….it is GREAT!!!!  See it and please let me know your thoughts on Madison.)  

I have decided that I need a reason to blog daily.  (If I do not have this I am hopeless!)  Jim having a daily blog and the movie Julie/Julia (See this as well…good movie!) has left me inspired.  So each day I will have two things:

Quote of the day:  “I need your love right now not your hate.”  Quoted by my dear husband while whining about household duties.  (Did I mention he was frowning and had his arms outstretched?)

Life Is Weird, Yet Wonderful (Or Maybe I Am Just Weird): Today I was thinking about how I would still love to be an American Gladiator.  This is quite an issue, due to the fact that I weigh 107 lbs and have a weight lifting limit of 5-10lbs and am dizzy a lot.  The thought still makes me smile though…having some cool name like Ice or Fury.  ( More likely my name would be Graceless or Stoppable.)  I just love the fact that I can still dream about running around in a hamster ball trying to get points or fighting with a big foam stick while on a balance beam like object…while wearing a metallic silver adult onesie.  This is still a country of dreams!