A Beautiful Fall Risk

November 14, 2009

Quote of the Day: “Do you need to use the bathroom?  I think you may have juiced your pants.”  (A comment from Ted, one of Jim’s employees.  I think this may equal a hostile work environment.”

Life Is Weird, Yet Wonderful (Or Maybe I Am Just Weird):  So home health came yesterday…and they will return tomorrow (more on that later).  One of the parts of the home health protocol is that they have to do a fall risk assessment.  I actually kind of laughed that we even had to do this questionnaire.  Then…we did the assessment.  I am a FALL RISK.  I told you I was 84!!!!  The nurse preceded to tell me that the standard way of handling someone in my “condition” is to call my doctor immediately and send out a physical therapist to help lessen my chance of falling and breaking a hip.  (Ok… I took creative license on the hip thing, but the rest is true.)  Then the best part happened, she said she was just going to note all my risk factors.  Why you ask…. because she thought I could not be fixed.  (In turn, physical therapy would do me no good!)  Wow…I am a mess.  At least it is pretty funny.  I am going to get a t-shirt made that says “FALL RISK”.  It is going to be great!!!!

Oh…. regarding the return visit by home health tomorrow.  I already blew out my IV and we have to get a new line started.  The RN also told me I have bad, fragile veins.  On the postive side…she said I was pretty!


Quote of the Day: “I just saw the OATS bus…and thought of you.  Just wanted you to know I love you.” (So glad that elderly transport makes my husband think of me!)

Life Is Weird, Yet Wonderful (Or Maybe I Am Just Weird): So…I went to the Doctor yesterday.  It was o.k., but I realized that my body is actually 84.  (I must say that I am hot for 84!!!!)  This is the run down:  I have to start taking B12 shots, because my levels are dangerously low (Jim tells me this is o.k. his Dad takes them…Did I mention he is in his 70’s?).  Also, I need to see a hematologist for iron shots because I am anemic.  He also suggested that I wear gloves throughout the day to keep my hands a proper temperature.  (Dr. Presti suggested some nice southern lady gloves…I think that elbow length bedazzled bridal gloves may be more my thing!)  Oh…and I have a home health aide coming tomorrow to put my IV in to give me fluids.  My status is retrogressed.  I do not think that is ever a good status when it comes to health.  The positive is that I am emotionally good!  I actually think it is all a little funny…come on gloves and socks at all times!  This disease sometimes can get me a little down, but I know that God has me and all my peeps on the OATS bus!

Alisha 0/ Bread Bowl 1

November 9, 2009

Quote of the Day: “Just hang in there….like a kitty in a tree.” (See Jim’s blog…)

Life Is Weird, Yet Wonderful (Or Maybe I Am Just Weird):  I fought the bread bowl and the bread bowl won…I think I am meant to only eat latte bars!  (Oh real food…how I miss you!)

Growing Pains

November 3, 2009

Quote of the Day:   “What keeps me from joy is often a preoccupation with myself and my own agenda.” (From my current small group study…I get there so easily!)

 Life Is Weird, Yet Wonderful (Or Maybe I Am Just Weird): Today was one of those days that you know had to happen, but you do not want to relive.  One of those days when you walk in obedience, but really you wish you could have just pulled the covers over your head and slept the day away.  One of those days you hope to look back at and know that everything turned out ok.  Those days sure are hard….but often they are the days when we grow the most.  I guess it all comes down to choosing joy, even in the moments of growing pains.