So Soon…So Thankful

September 8, 2010

So it is confirmed that the latest the baby is going to be born is September 22nd.  We saw the doctor today and because I have lost weight, that is as far as we are going to go.  (The broth diet hasn’t been going so well here lately!)  I am so excited…so nervous…and pretty much amazed.  I cannot wait to see this little guy!  I already love him so much and I have never seen his little face.  We are just so blessed that I have done so well for so long…and that we are able to bring him into this world.  Thank you to everyone who has been praying for us.  Each prayer has meant so much to us and we truly have felt God’s love and care and provision throughout the whole pregnancy.  (Like I already said…we are so blessed!)


Female Bodybuilding Is Out

September 2, 2010

So…I established yesterday that I am not meant to be a professional artist.  I also now know for sure professional sports are not for me…especially female bodybuilding.  (I know that all of you have been questioning this because I am so ripped and buff, but fear not .  I will not be overly tan, poising on a stage near you anytime soon.)  So…what has brought about this realization you may ask…Steroids!  I know that not all professional athletes use performance enhancing drugs…but it does seem to be a major theme in getting ahead and I for one now def. do not understand it!  Yesterday, I had to get a steroid shot to help develop our little boy’s lungs in case he comes even earlier than we hope.  I had my concerns, but Jim and I, as well as our awesome OB thought this was the right course of action.  So…we went for it!  My body loves to absorb anything you put in it…and steroids I guess fall right into that category.  I only slept for 20min…and feel like I have a sponge in my throat that is absorbing all the moisture that I put in.  The part that really is annoying is that steroids sometime increase appetite…which would be great! Nope…not for me, it has left me more nauseous!  I have to go back for my second shot today and I am not excited!  (So…I decided to whine like a toddler on my blog!  Appropriate right?)  Well…I will say I have such a new respect for my Mom and sister in-law Debbie who have to use steroids off and on to control asthma….ladies you are amazing!

So tomorrow I may be blogging about excess hair growth (at least my husband and I will look similar for our maternity pictures), acne, rage, and trying to lift very heavy items in my wheel chair… who knows?  I won’t be able to help it…I am a pregnant woman on the “Roids”!

Blogging…Who Me?

September 1, 2010

Yes, I am blogging.   I know it is crazy, but true.  I have gone through my whole pregnancy without, but I only have three weeks left and figure I better get the blogging thing on track.  I really want to have the memories written down so blogging seems like  a good idea.  (I am not one of those women who can scrapbook…in order to understand a quick story:  I am creative but cannot draw, paint, sketch or anything of the sort.  These talents amaze me but God did not gift me with the ability to use scissors, paper, glue, paper mache, or clay to form anything of beauty.  All of my art projects from elementary school look “special”.  This is at least the word my Mom used.  But, you must know in 3rd grade I did win honorable mention in the art show.  I was so proud.  I saw my clay tank all painted in camo with that shiny purple ribbon sitting on the table outside of Mrs. Gasset’s room.  I felt like I had just won an Oscar, a Pulitzer, a Nobel Prize or Miss America…come on in 3rd grade they are all equal.  We followed up the Art show with an all school assemble where each winner was mentioned by name.  (I was just waiting for my tiara!)  They went through all the grades below me and finally…3rd grade.  It went something like this…”Honorable Mention goes to Alisha Barker for her clay figurine of a hobo hat.”  At this moment my teacher whispers to me…”what a creative thing to make”.  My little heart sank…I only won because they thought my clay tank was a hat…a hobo hat.  In third grade I didn’t even know what a hobo was!  I guess I was ahead of my time….on the cutting edge of the art world.  Long story short this experience did leave me knowing my work would never be displayed in any gallery.

In turn, scrapbooking or anything of the sort is probably out for my little man.  So…I better get a back to blogging so cherished memories can be recorded and shared without scarring anyone with artistic abilities!