Miss Him So Much!

November 5, 2010

I have had some kinda cold thing for three days now and have not been able to hold Anderson.  High fevers and premature infants do not mix!  It is totally breaking my heart not to hold him.  I feel like part of me is missing.  It is so crazy….eight weeks ago he came into the world and now it is nearly impossible not to be with him.  I feel like such a bad Mom…but I know I am doing what is best for him. (Yet, three days without him seems like eternity. )  I missed him so much that I spent hours choosing books for him online.  (Books do not equal spoiling do they?)So…I hope he does not get sick…because whatever this is, it is not fun!


A Successful Day

November 1, 2010

A Successful day as a stay at home Mom…

-My son is clean and had a day outfit and a nighttime outfit

-My son had a clean diaper the majority of the day

-Anderson enjoyed many bottles made with love!

-I spent over four hours pumping to feed Anderson.  (What a part time job to have!  I suddenly have a new appreciation for dairy cows!)

-I made up and sang at least five ridiculous songs to make diaper changes more tolerable for him.

– Anderson did not pee into his own mouth

-Laundry is folded and put away..and the machine is going again.

-I have ran the dishwasher twice..and put all the dishes away.

-I made dinner….Did I mention I broke a jar and covered my entire kitchen in glass slivers…opps!

-Kitchen floor is clean.  (The broken jar aided in this project being accomplished!)

-I changed from morning pajamas to daytime pajamas…Why wear jeans when you are at home?  (Don’t judge me…I put makeup on!)

-I paid bills

-I am blogging

-I fell more in love with my son…I did not think it was possible…but everyday I am with him I love him more.  What a wonderful day!



Finally a blog

November 1, 2010

So…my last post was on September 8th.  Well…life changed a lot on September 9th when I went into preterm labor and my little guy shut my kidney down.  (He was ready to come out!) Anderson Warner Barnard arrived on September 10th at 4:49pm and my life has been so different and so much better since. 3lbs 14 oz, 17 inches of pure might! He truly is a miracle.

He spent almost a month in the NICU.  It was hard, but it was a time of him getting bigger and stronger.  It was kinda like parenting with training wheels.  You get to learn a lot about taking care of a premie and about parenting in general.  I was so thankful for the great care he received and how well he did.  We felt all the prayers and support.  We truly were so blessed.  (We truly are  so blessed!!!!!)

Well…as I sit writing this we have been home for over three weeks.  I never knew one little person could create so much dirty laundry and so many dirty dishes…I also never imagined how fulfilled I could feel washing those dirty clothes and dishes.  I am so tired, but so happy.  He is growing like a weed.  He currently weighs 6lbs 4 oz and is over 20 inches long.  He has the longest fingers and legs…and the most beautiful eyes.  He hates diaper changes and having his clothes changed because he hates being cold, like his Mom.  He is also quite afraid of velcro…it is way too startling for his liking!  He loves to eat, sleep and be held and in general fusses very little.  (He really doesn’t even fuss that much about his reflux…that is pretty amazing!)

All in all I am just so thankful to be his Mom.  I am so thankful and amazed that God put this little, fantastic boy in my life.  I am also so thankful and blessed to get to do this with Jim.  I did not think I could love him anymore…I was wrong.  Seeing him with Anderson has made my bond to him even stronger and my love deeper.  So…seven weeks in and I am one happy Mom…my son may have drank his own urine twice…but we are loving being his parents and trying to keep him safe and healthy and raise him to love the Lord.  (We also hope to help him outgrow his fear of velcro.)