Our First Christmas

December 26, 2010

I am so tired that this as to be short, but I had to blog to make sure I would remember our first family Christmas.  A wonderful white Christmas with our son.  Last night we were eating Christmas dinner and Jim looked over at me and said…”This is real, we are a family!”  He spoke the words of my heart… we are a family…and our first Christmas together was pretty hectic for Jim, but still an amazing blessing!  Anderson will not remember, and did not understand the significance, but I will cherish it in my heart forever!


Formula Desperation

December 22, 2010

Jim and I have tried to slowly start switching Anderson to formula.  Each time we have tried so far it has not gone very well.  Yesterday we decided to try again.  We switched up his last two feedings.  We did a little over half formula.  Early on it seemed like success….I was so happy.  Anderson seemed ok with his early evening feeding and then the last feeding of the night came.  It all seemed good and then we put him to bed.  My little angelic sleeper found his lungs…and screamed through the entire night.  Nothing would soothe him.  I rocked him, sang to him, burped him, changed him, prayed for him…(it may have actually been for myself as well) and nothing worked.  If you have any tips or suggestions I am all ears.  We have tried multiple kinds of formula suggested by the doctor.  The one we are currently using….I use a little to his regular bottles and he seems to do well with it….in that form.  I wish I knew what to do.  I gave him breast milk this morning he is out like  a light with no tears!  Oh…the dilemma.

Side note…formula spit-up so smelly!!!!!!  I felt like the most disgusting scratch and stiff sticker ever.  I am thinking about plastic wrapping my upper body for protection.  No matter how many burp rags or receiving blankets I have covering me…he spits up on the one small area that is uncovered.

A Picture Says It All

December 19, 2010

Oh…what a week.  he is changing so much.  Did I mention how much I adore this kid?  I think I have.  Well here are just a few of he milestones of the week.

-He is smiling more regularly.  It is so much fun!  He still makes us work for it but it is worth it. (I am willing to put an owl mobile on my head and sing crazy songs.)

-Gets so excited when I sing the Wiggles, Wiggles, Wiggles Song (Written and Produced by Me…Lady GAGA needs to watch out!)

-Loves…and I mean loves the owls on his swing.  He babbles at them, he smiles at them, he could stare at them for hours.

-Slept through the night all week.  (I think we have arrived!)

-Second round of shots (He did so well!)  Be praying though, we are having to fight the insurance company for his RSV shot.  It is an uphill battle, but one I am determined to win!  Now that his last shot has worn off, we are pretty much completely locked down in the house….I really hope the shot comes through.

-Outgrew all his newborn onesies.  He is such a big boy!  He is over 9lbs this week. (Taking them out of the drawer almost made me cry…I am ridiculous!)

-One major Diaper blow out.  (Thank goodness for Spray N’ Wash)

-First “Big Boy” Bath.  he outgrew his hospital tub and went into the bathtub in his bath seat.  He is becoming a big fan of bath time.

-Met Santa at the mall and in the 9ft inflatable version in our living room.  He likes them both!

-Amazed and Surprised his Mom and Dad over and over again!

Sanitized Santa

December 15, 2010

So…Today was a big day for Anderson, he met Jolly Old Saint Nick..oh yeah he met Santa!!!!  He loved it!  We loved it!  We rarely take Anderson out because of the risk of illness, but we made an exception for him to have his first picture with Santa.  We tried to take every precaution possible because it is RSV season (a respiratory illness that is very dangerous for premature infants).  Jim and I were determined to keep him as safe.   (Who knew Santa’s lap would ever be considered a place of “danger”?) We went to the mall during the late morning on a Tuesday….not exactly prime mall hours.  We then wrapped him in a blanket so he wasn’t directly on Santa’s lap. I also asked if we could have Santa ditch the white gloves.  (I know I sound crazy…I am not a a germaphobe…but I knew his Dr. would not love us even taking him.  I promise I do not dip him in antibacterial gel and we do not have him living in a bubble).  The best part was that the “Elves” were so amazing and sprayed the “Santa’s Workshop” scene and had Santa Purel himself when they saw that he was a little guy.  In the end the whole experience was a great success…I am sure that Santa does not have to be sanitized in the North Pole, but thank goodness the West County Santa was willing.  What a precious memory we will cherish forever.

12 Weeks…

December 10, 2010

Anderson is 12 weeks today and Sunday he will be seven weeks gestation.  He is getting so big.  I cannot believe it has been three months…a quarter of year.  It is insane!  He is 8lbs 10oz.  He is changing each and everyday…  He has started to smile more reguarly…it is the best.  Jim got a smile and so did my Mom.  They melt me!  He is also starting to push up on his elbows and push down on his legs.  He is so strong.  He is also starting to babble.  I love the baby talk!  Who knew cooing made you a genius?  I cannot help thinking so…he amazes me.  My love for him grows everyday. (I think it cannot increase, but each time I am wrong!)  All in all the last three months have been challenging, but so rewarding.  I am so blessed.  It blows my mind.  I love being His Mom….I say it almost every time I write, but I never want to take it for granted.  A spit-up corsage is the best accessory I have ever worn, because it come with the most cherished role of my life…MOM!

We both have been fighting a cold for over a week, but the time cuddling has been great.  Him sleeping on my chest or nuzzled in my shoulder is such a sweet time I will cherish forever.  I try to take mental pictures so I never forget what his sweet little face looks like.  (An actual picture is wonderful, but those metal memories are priceless.)  I have also made him a promise that as soon as he can blow his own nose that I will let him watch me throw the blue bulb nose sucker outer in the trash.  I can tell he is looking forward to that moment.  I must say that I never realized such a little nose could create such large boogers!

Could he be any cuter?

It is going way too fast…I cannot believe my little man is 11 weeks old…and 5 weeks gestation.  He has changed so much…looking at pictures from the NICU it is unbelievable that he used to be that tiny.  He truly is a miracle.  I am so thankful for all the prayers and support that we have received.  It has made this journey so much easier and truly an amazing learning experience.

It is so true that the days are longs, but not only are the years short but the weeks.  I want to cherish each moment, even the ones in which I am covered in spit up, have a ton of dirty laundry and a crying little boy.  I am so blessed to get to be his Mom…I do not want to take it for granted.  Getting to know him makes life so worthwhile!!!!!!