September 1, 2011

So it was one of those really frustrating days.  One of those days when I realized that not driving a car and health stuff can just suck.  (Sorry to those who are offended by that word…but it is fitting!).  I went to get an MRI today.  Even though I am the queen of being poked and prodded ….I was not looking forward to my MRI.  (I am not a big fan of small spaces, especially loud small spaces.)  In turn, I thought about it most of the day and just wanted to get it over with.

Here is the frustrating part…I make Jim rush home from work because of course I cannot drive myself.  He had a crazy busy day so he was rushing and I felt really bad for him.  We throw Anderson in the car, fight traffic and I get to the imaging center.  Jim and I decide because he cannot come in during the test and it is lengthy that he will just drive around with Anderson instead of forcing him to sit in a waiting room that has nothing enjoyable for an 11month old.

So the process begins…of course I have paper work.  (I do not want to know how many trees I have killed with medical paperwork.  I wish I had a medical speed pass that just input everything they needed directly into their computer ) Then I wait….and wait.  Finally, I get called back for an x-ray to make sure I do not have any wire pieces left in my body that the MRI machine could pull out.  (Def. a good thing to know.) I pull on my very flattering X-Large pleated scrub pants and lay on the table.  I am a pro at this!  The tech is super nice.  (He and his friend who will do the MRI are both from Hannibal.  (The Missouri connection was a good thing!)  I get my pics done (I am the Heidi Klum of X-Rays.)  Then more waiting….more waiting…more waiting.  The tech then returns with the bad news that the radiologist left before his shift was over and no one is there to read my x-rays…which will allow to get my MRI.  They called him back in, but they need to take the person after me because they do not know how long it will be for him to return.  So…more waiting….a little anxiety….a lot magazine reading.  (If you need to know what is going on with Gwyneth Paltrow give me a ring….or what eye shadows are hot for fall.)  All the while Anderson is being driven around Denver…thank goodness he was napping.  Awhile later the doc returns and reads my x-rays.  I am cleared for the MRI, but I just keep waiting.  Over an hour later I ask what they think the time frame is.  Come to find out the lady they moved ahead of me…who was supposed to have a 30 min scan, actually has four 25min scans.  It is going to be a least another 30min before they begin my test, which will then take 30-40min.  So after waiting and waiting…and a fair bit of worrying I have to reschedule.  (Dinner and bedtime were calling my son home!)

So…I get to do it all over tomorrow.  The best part is that my test is scheduled for 9p.m. (That is going to be great…Anderson usually goes to bed at 7:30) I know it truly not that big of a deal, and out of everything going on in the world this is no big deal.  I just sometimes get tired of it all…the tests, the hospital stays, the medicine, the tiredness, the lack of independence.  I sometimes just want to get in the car and go for a drive, but that is not my reality.  In turn, I just needed to complain.  Now I can get over my pity party and move on!