The Kindness Project (Day 1 and a half)

June 16, 2013

God has really been placing on my heart that this world is just lacking kindness…and I am part of the problem.  It is so easy to get caught up in my own life and forget to take the time to really see people…to actually hear them, to value them, to care!  I don’t want to continue to do this.  I want to take the time to show people they matter to me…and most of all they matter to God!  I want to be an example of His love, not just so stuck in my own stuff that I do not show kindness.  I have talked about this in the past…but it is a persistent theme in my life…and God just keeps bringing me back to this place.

So, I have committed to 365 days of kindness.  Otherwise known as the kindness project.  I know it is rather kitchy, but I am not seeing people as the project…I am seeing myself as the project. I really believe that God wants to transform me through this experience.  I am going to do things that make me uncomfortable.  I am going to love boldly.  I am going to live the way that God has been really been calling me to live for the last year since my allergic reaction in the hospital.

I am scared.  I am excited.  I know it is going to be hard.  Day one which was yesterday….well it was a challenge.  Annoyance is sometimes so much easier than kindness, but I am committed.  Luckily, I do not have to do it in my own strength.  So here goes nothing!


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